D K Shivakumar is an unflinching loyalist. Since childhood, he trained himself to be a politician. Unlike few, he leveled up with every step.

Since childhood, he dreamt to be a leader, so he used to participate in school and college elections and get elected. This boosted his confidence up.

During his college days, he joined NSUI with the help of Late. Bangarappa and served there as Sports Secretary. Then, he became Bangalore Zilla's Secretary. In 1983, he became president of the youth congress. In 1988, he represented India at All India Youth Congress.

He was also involved in serving the society. His every step in political work is so impactful. He brought a revolution in the life of prisoners and improvedKarnataka from airports to agriculture.

He is loyal to his party and even after so many betrayals he faced, he has remained strong and protected the party's reputation in all situations.

He is a trouble-shooter of the state and central Congress party. Due to his undivided dedication, he has been appointed as KPCC president.

Power Transmission – Achievement in the Last 4 years

Transmission & Distribution

Loss has been reduced from 3.81% to 3.22% and 16.10% to 14.09% in the last 4 years. To strengthen the transmission network, 117 new sub-stations & 3233 circuit km. transmission lines have been built.

Transmission Lines Planned:

Proposed to evacuate 3300 MW of Power from BTPS, Yeramarus and Yedelapura new Thermal Plants with 3 400 KV Stations and 1320 KM of 400 KV lines

Under Green Energy Corridor Scheme, 2 of 400 KV, 3 of 220 KV Stations and close to 1096 KM of 400 and 220 KV lines will be built to evacuate Solar and Wind Power

Expected Commissioning – FY 2019-20

Massive Transmission Upgrade for Greater Bengaluru Region with 3 of 400 KV Stations, 12 of 220 KV Stations and 28 of 66 KV Stations

Expected Commissioning – FY 2022-23

Power Distribution – Achievement in the Last 4 years

All Taluks now have Transformer Banks (174). 137 new Transformer Repair Centres have been opened so that Farmers can get their transformers replaced in 3 days. Karnataka - Marching Towards Self Reliance in the Energy Sector

Under the leadership of Power Minister Sri. D K Shivakumar, the Energy Department in Karnataka has taken several revolutionary steps to fill the gap between demand and supply of power.

Listed below are the achievements and also the planned activities of the energy department:

Power Generation – Achievement in the Last 4 years

New Addition of 5848 MW Power Capacity in three years, which is a record in the history of Karnataka.

Government of India has stated that the “Karnataka Solar Policy 2014-21″ is one of the best in India and has given an award for excellence in Renewable Energy among all states. 3155 MW has been already added which is an increase of 75%. Karnataka has the Largest Capacity of 3,293 MW of upcoming Solar Projects in India followed by Andhra Pradesh (2664MW) & Telangana (2446MW)

Pavagada Mega Solar Power Project is the World’s Largest Solar Park and will be a landmark in our state’s and country’s history. This Project of 2000 MW capacity is coming up in Tumkur district. The Project is spread over more than 11,000 acres with the land being obtained on a lease basis from Farmers without a single inch of land being acquired. Farmers are being paid Rs. 21,000/- per acre per year with a provision to increase 5% every two years.

Expected Commissioning – Nov 2017 to March 2018

New Thermal Power Plants - Bellary Unit 3 & Yeramarus Unit 1 & 2 with total capacity of 2300MW are up & running.

From just 0.364MW in 2014-15, Rooftop Solar capacity in Bengaluru has zoomed to 29.14MW in 2016-17. In BESCOM region, it stands at 36.75 MW. Overall 61.34 MW of Roof Top Solar capacity has been added in the state. Chinnaswamy Stadium's Roof Top Solar Unit supplies extra power to BESCOM is an example of the success of Roof Top Solar.

Expected Commissioning – 200 MW by March 2018

To make farmers realize the value of their land, Karnataka launched a unique scheme where a total of 300 MW was reserved for farmers who could set up 1-3 MW Grid connected Solar Power Plants on their agricultural lands with a special tariff of Rs. 8.40/per unit. This has now been adapted by Central Govt which is launching similar schemes in other states.

Achieved : 144 MW

Expected: 156 MW by Dec 2018

Nearly every backward taluk of the state is building its own renewable energy capacity in the “Decentralized Distributed Solar Generation” scheme. 60 Taluks spread across Karnataka have been allotted up to 20 MW each with a total capacity of nearly 1200 MW.

Expected Commissioning – March 2020

KPCL's Yelahanka 350 MW Gas based Power Plant was launched in May 2016 and is under construction

Expected Commissioning – June 2019

KPCL's Shivanasamudra 345 MW Hydro Power Plant will be established

Expected Commissioning – 2021

Approval Awarded for Projects – 6300 MW and Expected Generation between FY 2018-19 & FY 2019-20 is about 2800 MW to 3000MW

Established Consumer Advisory Committee in 164 Assembly Constituencies by nominating 6,144 members from our Party to solve consumer problems at local level. It also empowers our party workers.

1912 customer care service was launched for the first time in India for consumer benefit. Ombudsman in all districts nominated to check consumer grievances. 35,000 complaints per day are being handled.

Welfare Measures – Achievement in the Last 4 years

Energy Department is a service oriented one which relies on the satisfaction of the consumer as a measure of its performance. As Consumer base increased manifold, the department faced severe shortage of manpower. To overcome this, we undertook a massive hiring exercise in the most transparent manner with filling of 21,000 vacancies which is a record

3-phase electricity for 7 hours in batches is being provided to the irrigation pump sets of Farmers in the State. In the last 4 years, for giving free power to Farmer Pumpsets, BhagyaJyothi and KuteeraJyothi schemes, State Government has spent Rs. 28,450 crores. 2,000 Higher Efficiency Pump-sets have been replaced and given to SC-ST Farmers.

The successful 'HOSABELAKU' scheme has delivered nearly 1.5 crore LED bulbs to Karnataka's Electricity Consumers. For BPL Customers 19.1 Lakh CFL Bulbs have been provided and 33,000 Solar Lamps have been given in Hilly Remote Areas.

BESCOM was adjudged best performer by Central Govt under UDAY. HESCOM & CESCOM are in the Top 7. This proves that Karnataka is at the forefront of Power Reforms.

Under Bhagyajothi Scheme, number of free units was raised from 18 to 40 to BPL customers.

Unique SURYA RAITHA Scheme has been kicked off in Harobele, Kanakapura where 310 Solar IP Sets connected to the Grid have been set up.

Energy Department has received the highest investment of Rs. 1,17,504 crores at the ‘INVEST KARNATAKA’ Summit which was 30% of overall investment promised.


43 Sub-Station Sites have been identified for laying of Foundation Stone

For 38 Sub-Stations which have been completed in FY 2016-17, a formal inauguration ceremony will be held

Nearly 100 functions have been planned in this election year to highlight the achievements of our Government.

In the Constituency


Total 43 Shudha Neeru outlets are in Kanakapura. We have 8 in Kanakapura city and rest in Panachyat level. The total cost of each outlet is 3-4 Lakhs and takes less than 1 month of setting up new outlet.

An average 3000-4000 litres are dispensed at each outlet with Sathnur dispensing 8000 setting a record.

People are benefiting from this initiative. The main reason for this initiative was to provide clean drinking water for healthier a Kanakapura.


Kanakapura has grown from 1 Hospital to 6 Hospitals. I have made sure not only for farmers but for their livestock as well.

6 General Hospital

5 Veterinary Hospital

17 Veterinary Dispenciaries

14 Primary Veterinary Center


Kanakapura is 1st in whole of India for number of Check Dams in a Taluk. It has totally 1,478 check dams at present.


Kanakapura has around 17,000 silk farmers. Everyday30-35 tonnes of silk is produced. Each tonne fetches Rs. 350/- and the higher quality BiVoltine fetches Rs.450/- per tonne.

We constructed a new building for silk board which was very old. We conduct many education days for the silk farmers here.