• Congress loyalist D K Shivakumar is a devotee of the Gandhi family. Since his college days, he was keen on leadership. He was slowly introduced to the Congress youth committee, and then became president of youth Congress and also, represented India in Korea at Youth congress event. DK Shivakumar is known as a troubleshooter of the Congress party. He not only helped state congress but also, other state congress issues without expecting anything in return.

  • 2014

    He devoted himself to grow the party and facilitate all party members with everything they need to be in limelight. Even though he was not given a ticket for election many times, he still served the party with full dedication and with complete acceptance. This made him the only loyalist and unflinching person of Congress.

  • The unshattered work of D K Shivakumar has made him KPCC President now. As soon as he became president his work towards serving the society multiplied many many folds. He turned into a Corona warrior to serve the public. They put his complete focus on facilitating people with oxygen, bed and kits whenever he visited.

  • Later, he promoted the importance of vaccines among children to get their family members vaccinated and given kids smart phones, which may help them in virtual education. Not only that, he is constantly standing with farmers, raise at prices of petrol, LPG and more Mekedatu dam.

  • He is constantly visiting the backward community of fisherman, lambani and community, pottery community to check on them how they are surviving this pandemic and helping them. This is evidence, he is active and bringing a revolution in the state.